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Dark Secret


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An angel lies on my shoulder,

as does the devil,

The angel says love trie beilive,

The Devil says cheat lie decieve,

I brush away from these images,

and go to the one place i can be alone,

this place isnt at my house

for i can not rely on family nor home,

I made such a mistake,

As u can see through this mask,

its oh so fake,

I take out a knife,

Put the blade to my throught,

I gasp out for air,

I may have changed my mind,

but my body was already there,

blood bashing to the floor,

It stays quiet,

im crying, my neck stinging,

yet it stays quiet,

People are passing by me,

drowning in blood,

tears own my face,

I'm sitting, and i start to stare

Now, its not that they dont see me,

its just that they dont care.

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