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Same old feelings over and over

Im starting to feel like I need your shoulder

Somethin to cry on

I need you to rely on

A heart on my chest to try on


Day dreams seeming a little more colorful

Breaking out of black and white

Starting to look at the brightside

Staring aimlessly at the light


Say you'll tell a secret

Even though you know I cant keep it

thats okay

I'll let you sew my lips together

Im debating weather

Weather or not it would kill

I'll focus on your eyes

Their sure to be steady and still


Even if the future doesnt look so great

Your hugs and kisses never hit me to late

Maybe this is killing me

Waiting for you to walk away

Im getting a little sick of not getting what was expected

Deep down I still want you to stay


I love the way you hug

I love the way you kiss

I love the way you always ask me how much you were missed

I love the was you say please

I love the way you smile

I love the way you love the way I pick out my style

I love the way that your different

I love the way you stay strong

I love the way you know im hurtin, so you say nothings wrong

I love the way you look

I love the way you act

I love the way you stay calm

Even if your patience was cracked

I love the way you can be

And I love the way you act

When your around me

I love how you say "I love you"

The way you say "I care"

Without you my life

Would feel meaningless and bare

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