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Parody "made for TV" movies


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Looking at some of the made-for-tv-movies that get shown on networks like NBC, Lifetime, etc, I decided to pick on a few recent ones just for the heck of it.


Original - Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story

Parody - Identity Theft: The Heddi Larae Ille Story


Heddi tells her story of how she managed to go from a dead end life to living it up thanks to changing her name to Michelle Brown which gave her access to a large resource of funds and financing only to have it all taken away and put in jail by backstabbing friends and another woman named Michelle Brown who claims and convinces everyone that the money was really hers.


Original - She's Too Young

Parody - She's Old Enough


Story about a 14 yr old girl who discovers the wonderful world of sex and tries to enjoy it only to have her psychotic mom stalk and harass her, causing scenes and trying to convince her to not let guys get pleasure from her free sex. (Rumors of a sequel "She's Too Old", when she's 15 and trying to date guys 3 times her age and the mom twists the law around to put those guys in jail.)


Original - Baby For Sale

Parody - Alternative Methods of Adoption


See how an enterprising business gets shut down for performing successful and fast adoptions by a couple who develop a prejudice for the business when they fail to get a baby they thought would be theirs without paying for it.




Anyone got one to add? It doesn't really have to be "made for TV" but try to anyway, and keep it to something where the original could be real life (as many made for TV movies are).

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Original: It's a Hard Life

Parody: A Day in the Life of a Prostitute


A Day in the Life of Ashley


Plot: Ashley (The Prostitue) goes about her bussiness one day. Suddenly, she falls in love with ONE man. BUT, that one man doesn't know she's a prostitute.


I saw this movie in nicaragua...But I only saw 3 minutes of the beginning. XD

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