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Someone elses eyes


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Your just a stranger

Walking down the street

Just a stranger

Shall our eyes ever meet?

Just a stranger

I need not know your name

Just a stranger

I cant feel empty without you

Just feel the same


Your just a stranger

looking back at me

Just a stranger

No friendly face do I see

Just a stranger

After this second I'll forget you

Just a stranger

Its like I never met you


Just a stranger

Why do you look at me with such warm eyes

Just a stranger

What do I not realize

Maybe I dont realize who I already met

I have been filled with shame and regret

These things however, I did not know

I've missed all of those years I did grow

Pearched with someone elses eyes

Sent with someone else name

Someone elses personlity

Yet I am still up for blame


When things whined up

Good bye to myself

Put the "doll" on the shelf

Bring out a new toy

The twisted world can enjoy

until the pain is done


When it finally is

I dont recall anything that just happened

A different girl

Same old body

That she is trapped in


A simple person made up in my mind

To take care of the bad & worse

So maybe the child born in this body

Wont feel the pain of lifes curse







( this poems extremely complicated if u dont know what its about, and if some ppl are smart and think about it, theyd probally know what its about and it would make sense)

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