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Another update was released a few days ago which I got around to installing. Before doing that I attempted to re-do all the enhancements first so that it would be minimal down time between shutting the board down and opening it back up with everything already available. If anyone has any problems, please post it in the Site Support forum.


>> Site Support <<

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As an added note, I love when people post on the forums, but a small request that I have is to create your own topics if it's appropriate.


For example, in the Poetry and Wishbone forums, when adding a poem, start a new topic so that any replies to it can discuss the poem itself, instead of 5 or more unrelated poems being in the same topic, or making a WishBone post, the whole forum is for wishbone posts, so to pile it all into one topic just makes for one huge topic and some confusion if there is a coversation about one of the wishbones listed.


:) Not fussing at anyone, just encouraging everyone to not be afraid to start new topics..

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