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Reply to Bush detractors

Jim Colyer

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Bush detractors are very selfish people. They have forgotten about the events of 9/11, 2001, when terrorists flew hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, killing 3000 innocent civilians. They care nothing for the American and British troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq. Congress threatens to cut off funds and thereby deny them the food, supplies and equipment they need to carry out their work. Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, Biden and Dodd care far less about the United States than they do the Democratic Party. All they want is to embarass Bush if they can and try to win back the White House. They are still trying to even up for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Fact is, George Bush and Tony Blair have stood like two giants since 9/11. They have defended America and the U.K. from blood-thirsty savages who have no regard for human life, not even their own. An anonymous man at the Twin Towers challenged Bush to do "whatever it takes," and Bush is doing just that. WMD is meaningless. So is "fighting over there." What mattered after 9/11 was retaliation (not revenge). Bush had to kick the biggest Muslim butt, and Saddam Hussein had the biggest Muslim butt. Bush gave Saddam an ultimatum to step down. He refused and paid the consequences. Bush knew hard times were coming. He knew his actions were taken with future generations of Americans in mind. They are the ones who will write the history of the early 21st century. They are the ones who will appreciate Bush and that he did what had to be done to break the will of jihadists and religious fanatics worldwide who would destroy America. It is not over yet. It may be a long struggle. But America will triumph as she did in World War II and the Cold War. Decency, human rights, science and progress for all humanity must and will prevail.
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