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Note :


You = Someone

I,me = Someone

They = A group

Creatures = A different group/humans/ type of group

Leader = creature/person of a group








Like they say, we're connected.

Miss, in some way or another we're respected.

I wonder if you know, that I seem to feel your pain,

I wonder if my pain you also obtain.

Somehow we manage to remain,

and from loosing control we must refrain.


You look at me as if I'm vile,

while I wait to see if maybe you'll smile.

It's been awhile, just to see you smile would be worthwhile.


While during this trial,

as they go through my file.

Glazing upon the things that seemed unexpected.


You look at me as if I'm infected,

making me feel so neglected.

Causing me to wonder if this was something you expected.


Watching as they call me forth,

knowing that I have been selected.

You act as if I've been so protected.


The pulse flows through us like quicksilver,

keeping the memories alive and ready to deliver.

I don't know why the river constantly runs so blood-silver.

making sure that there's always in us a sliver.

I don't know why I have to bleed so extreme,

or why those creatures look upon it as if it's a topping on ice cream.

I want to know why I must scream,

and why those creatures try and break down our esteem.


The leader's child comes bursting in,

and turns to face the detaining stare,

returning it with a small sad grin.

Down their face, comes a sad tear,

A glimpse of some skin, so bare,

showing clear scars on the skin.

The child retreats to behind me,

the look from the others is like a potpourri.

I offer the child to be held,

by the secret message that is hidden in my eyes.

The child accepts with a small nod of her head,

as she finds herself being held instantly instead,

She begins to relax,

and on the calmness she began to be fed.


The leader beckons some guards to separate us,

ready to make a huge fuss.

The guards try to pry the girl away from me.

Managing to touch us both,

and finding themselves wishing they hadn't.

For now they have to cope,

with this spell like rope.


You watch as their faces turn pale.

While the odor turns stale.

You watch as my eyes turn red.

While the surroundings start to give off a feeling of dread.


We watch as the lights go out,

and see that on their face there is no doubt.

Their eyes start beginning to show condemn,

of what is being shoved into, what they like to call 'them'.


Rain starts to fall, and a cry can be heard.

Against the back wall of a building

lays a girl, in clothes that are all torn.

To a thin thread of life she still tries to cling on.

A flower dying, with in it's side a thorn.

Blood running down her chest,

but still this man continues.

Driving on, till she feels dead.

Leaving her on her death bed.


Across town a man is breathing his last breath,

getting stabbed by his so called dear wife 'Beth'.

Saying his last words "where's Jon? why are you doing this?"

The last words he heard before he died were with these holes in his head.

"Your son is in the pool, pretending to be a fish without gills." she said.


Two blocks away in a bedroom, sits a girl crying.

She's trying to read,

but she knows her step-dad is going to use her to meet his need.

She's sitting in her bedroom,

her heart being shred with doom.

Her mom is to in love,

to even consider if this is true.

Her mom opens the door and gives her a shove.

Tells her to say sorry to Tim,

that she's sorry for lying about him.


Across the street,

A friend of this girl's mother is being put into jars in a cellar.

Her body is all in pieces.

like she walked into a propeller.

Her heart is marked as "meat treat"

Now isn't that sweet?


Everything goes silent but still they're standing there staring,

acting like they think this is the meaning of violent.


Some wolves howl in the distance,

telling of their existence.

The leader finds that no one else is willing to go near.

He takes out a gun and aims,

deciding that he must reach out and face his fear.

That has been set through him,

that has brought to his face a look of grim.


He walks slowly closer, bringing it to her head,

while trying to position himself to catch the little girl.

That he once had, when he wed.

Right as he was ready to pull the trigger,

the glass shattered,

and found himself once again a frozen figure.

He noticed that her hand had him in a tight grip,

Tight enough that he wouldn't even slip,

but her words began to echo and ring in his head.

Scars Scars Scars....

Will they ever go away?

The visible scars?

The scars in her heart?

The scars that are tearing her apart?

Do you think she'll ever forget that you beat her?

That you took away the sheet?

That you cheat?

That you didn't care.

Not one prayer,

made you stop, I swear.

You had affairs,

was that not good enough?

You had to do more.

You made things rough and tough.

Do you not see the blood,

that you made into a flood.

Scars.. Scars.. Scars...

The bell stops ringing for the dead.

He looked up at me,

and I let go of the oh mighty leader.

The leader's stare went past me, looking beyond.

We watched as the gun went down,

and he slowly fell.

I looked back,

and saw that your eyes were red as well.

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