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Hilary Duff sucks!!! She is such a p o s e r. She thinks she is so cool that she can steel Joel Madden HA idts!!! She is a ugly retard. So yeah wolfie you are CLEARLY blind if u think she is hott cause she is not :yes: and second of all "duffster?" thats stumpys thing... so yah some1 is a copier Edited by Shortie
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Wolfie you are sick. You dont have one chance with her. But, I like Hilary Duff..kind of a p o s e r if you ask me.. But shes ok! I like her music.

This coming from the queen of negativity and unkindness...


yah right. Every guy i talk to hates her

they say she is ugly

so yah ur blind

Yeah, like the guys your age are ready to admit to liking pretty girls like her when they're still discovering girls to begin with. :lol:


hilary is just hilary, good actress, not so good singer, i think shes pretty, big whoop
Ok, I'll keep that in mind for any guy that you think is more than just who they are. :)
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