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Are Girls Pushed To Grow Up?


Are Girls Pushed To Grow Up?  

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Yeah I think girls are forced to grow up. I mean, it's like after some girl hits 10 years old everyone's like "Oh ok, here's the cute clothes you should be wearing, here's the makeup, and tomorrow you need to learn how to cook and drive" Like Caroline, they should be able to act their age whether they're 10 or 15.


That probably made no sense but I'm posting it anyway.

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This is gonna make no sence, but i think i could care less if they are old or not. The attitude makes the girl.Not the age. Im 12, and i do wear some crazy things for 12 year olds, BUT that doesnt make me stuck up. And not all gurls are pushed. Maybe they want to look that way. Because i think that we all can agree that mothers are only gonna take so much crap from their kids these days. And as far as mini skirts go. Yea i see a lot of 12 year olds wearing them. Personally i wear them. But if u guys are saying that just cause they are young, (as it seems u are refering to the ages 11-13) if the gurl WAS pushed then that gurl needs to learn the hard way. I mean we all can agree that us gurls are survivors :)
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