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Should Middle Schoolers have cellphones?


Should Middle Schoolers have CellPhones in school? Write why.  

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Yeah, I think it depends on what person it is. If that person is a good student at that school and makes decent grades, and is a pretty busy person, then yes I think they could have a cell phone. Keep it in the locker/backpack though.


However, if the student doesn't make good enough grades or isn't busy enough, then there's really no reason to have a cell phone. It wastes money and it wastes time.

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well..i take a cellphone to school and im in 8th grade.. i sneak it in :D none of the teachers have caught me and alot of my other friends take their cell phones to school. I dont see anything wrong with it unless they playgames on it or something during class. Although thats what i do..just put it on silent ^_^
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The idea I was expressing is that the temptation is there and is given into to fiddle with it during class. Now if it was something like taking it to school, putting it into the locker for the day and getting it when leaving, then I think that should be allowed, because then the phone may be on school grounds, but it's not getting used when the person should be paying attention in class.


There are some schools that I think let you bring the phones to school so long as you leave them in the office, which isn't too bad of an idea because then if the phone rings, someone can answer it and if it's important, then a message can be taken and delivered. Only drawback is that there is a greater chance for a phone being stolen.


Only way to have them in the classroom, in my opinion, would be if the teacher knew about it and their instructions were followed (ie, in a place where the teacher would be able to see it at all times, left with them during class, etc, so that the student is near their phone while not being able to abuse it.

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Yes, what if your school blows up and you need a ride home, what ya gonna do, FLY?

If your school blows up then if you're in it, chances are that won't survive it. But even if you did, you'd either go to the hospital or be detained by the police in order to get information on anything you may have witnessed and then not released until they got in touch with your parents and they came to pick you up. Basically the same as if you were outside when it happened and if it happened before school started, then you wouldn't have to go in anyway. No matter how you look at it, the arguement for a cell phone in your example becomes null and void. :) Also never underestimate people, some may find a way to get home by flying.


ya .....i do

See? She would!



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