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same old road


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This road is starting to look the same

Why can't it just leave me alone?

Whats wrong with the people I care about?

Just leave things be

Stop putting pain on yourself


How many friends

How many enimies

Have I given the talk to about not hurting themselves

Last talk I had was with some girl who was doing just fine

Then she screwed up her life

On her arms a deep line


Now Im hearing this from you

I guess it was the last straw

Because everyone I've talked to

And comfronted

Kept doing it

Promises rolling off their back

Stupid lies woven


At first begging you to stop evolving into memories

How many times do I remember this scene?

Far to many

Maybe I should just stop caring

Your not going to stop doing it


But...the thing is

"good-byes" can be forever

If things continue this bad

Out of all desisions

You had to make a dumb desision as yours

Is it another one of your chores?

Get it done and over with

Break her heart

Watch the blood ooze

Releife..is just an offer you cant refuse

Taking the short cut

Emptying your load

Here I go again

On the same old road

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