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Please Listen....


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Can you just sit down

and listen for once?

Maybe this little talk,

will bring you some bunce.


Did you ever wonder what good,

it can do, to listen with your ears?

instead of your mouth?

About your child, or someone else?

The hurt and fears they kept secret for years?

The things that happened, that drive them south,

filling their dreams with tears and screams.

There are things I need to tell you,

things that you really ought to know;

about the children here, all around us

the small and the old.

Come and sit down,

hear the restless sound.

Please, come sit down.

Take some time to consider,

talking to your child.

They want to know,

if you care enough to

and won’t go and hurt them more, if you do.


The terrors some relive each night,

the wounds that aren’t that easy to

get rid of, even if you try with all your might


Consider giving them a chance,

listen with your ears,

not your mouth.

You may find out why your child,

doesn’t like being around certain family members.

Why some of their teachers worry about them.

You may find out they witness murder, death, torture.

Maybe they were torture,

and you wouldn’t of ever known.


You may not understand why this...

is so important to us.

Some are afraid to be alone


Even in their own home.

Feeling safe would be a dream to some.


Come hear what they have to say,

Give them the support they need.

Each day, of not telling,

is adding to the chain.

A bead...

Please... Parents..

know this

Giving your child a chance,

and letting them know they can can trust you

Can help cut down the number of suicides,

and many other things.


is a moment of you just listening,

to much to ask?

And for those of you,

who abuse children,

are you not ashamed?

Do you not know, what damage that can do?

How it can wreck a child’s life?

Make a child want to die?

Make a child cut, cuss, hurt others?

Do you not know how unsafe it feels for those children?

What about not even feel safe at school?

I’m not talking about just parents abusing children,

I’m talking about everyone around us.

Do you really think that this is just too much of a fuss?

Do you not know how badly you,

end up hurting them and you as well in turn?

For those of you who sexually abuse or go father then that,

do you not realize how horrible that is?

That will most likely always stay in their memory.

Most likely you don’t know this pain,

that this can cause.

Do you not, recall the laws?

It can mess with their brain,

and their happiness seems to drain.

They have to live with this for the rest of their life,

what’s your solution to this strife?

NightMare after Nightmare,

they will remember that it was you.

YOU who did this,

leaving you with a hiss.

Burned into their mind,

leaving a mark,

that won’t be gone with the wind.

For those of you who torture,

I hope you know that in the end,

you are turning everyone against yourself.


Won’t you come and sit down?

Give the children a chance,

not just a glance.


It hurts our children,

so much.

There’s things they want to tell you,

things you really ought to know,

if only you knew.

Please...give them a chance,

and listen.

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