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Baby piggies!


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we keep our guinnea pigs and rabbit in an old childrens play shed outside. We turned it into a hutch when we moved in as our rabbit is somewhat wild and was used to the freedom of a stable in our old house.

My mum decided this summer that we should get a new guinnea pig, as our current one was close with the rabbit, who is now ageing.

As far as she was concerned both guinea pigs were female.In for a shock.

My parents came home from work early today and I'd had an exam so I was in the house.

My mum went outside to check on our furry friends and shouted "Jocelyn, come see this!!"

To my surprise, I was greeted by three pairs of little eyes, lying in the hay.

"Turns out we don't have two girls" she chuckled.

I was somewhat shocked and stunned for a while then realised how cute they were!

I didn't know, but my mum suspected the pregnancy, as guinea pigs are born almost looking the exact same as they will when they are older (smaller of course) the mother got noticably overweight.

They're currently downstairs in a little box in the dogs cage to keep them out of trouble and I cant stop looking at them!

There's one little boy, who's very perky. He was born 5 minutes and was already noseying my mum!

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