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This is strange


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John- Marie, my dear. For all I love you, you are such an egg.

Marie-An egg? In what ways do I resemble an egg?

John-You have a shell. A reasonably strong shell.

Marie-What are you trying to say John, stop talking in riddles.

John-Let me finish, love.


John- You have a shell, a reasonably strong shell. But, with an accurate enough tap, your shell turns to a thousand peices, and out comes the yolk. The yolk mixed in with the..well the egg white. Everything confused. It is poison. You have to cook it up to make any sense of it.

Marie-John what on earth are you trying to say?!

John-Marie, my darling wife. I opened you and everything that came out was confused, It takes time and effort to make sense of it all. Once I've opened you, I can't replace the shell. You require a lot of attention Marie.

Marie-Oh John, you are not leaving me are you?

John-Of course not my love. When I said those vows, when I held you're hand. I swore I loved you for who you are. You are an egg, but I love that egg. I promised to never let go. This is my egg, only I can cook it to perfection.

Marie-John, you scare me.

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