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Nothing else i can do


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Whats left here?

Certainly not anything else I can give to you

How can you expect for me to be there for you

If its like im not here to you

No I havent given up on loving you

I have given up on waiting for you

Imposibal for me to stop thinking about you

But thats okay..

Even though I sorta need you to pull me through another day

You dont have to care

You were never there

To lift up my dead spirit

To be my one last wish

Make it obvious that you hate me

I think I already got the hint

The sooner the lower than friendship stage crashes and burns

The better

Right now I can always just be stupid

And wait..wait and wait

I've already seen my fait

This used to be more depressing for me

But now im doing horrible alright

I dont care if im being rude to you

I dont plan on being polite

Burn the books

Burn what you said

Doesnt matter now

Your only in my head

You cant even talk to me like a man

Probally because you dont care amymore ..i wouldnt either if I were you

The lines of communication have been cut

So theres nothing else I can do


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