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Old Navy Carolers


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(December's coming.. Hmmmm..)


How did it get to be November

Where did the year go?

Wasn't it just July 4th

Now it's time to cook the bird


The holidays will hit you

Like a briiiiiiiick!


That's why this week at Old Navy

There's a bunch of super-cool sweaters

And great new styles like Fair Isle turtlenecks

Beaded Cardigan and nifty V-necks


(They sure are festive!)

*I will correct the lyrics as needed.


This is a odd but keeper of a commercial, especially when the girl in the middle is singing "Like a briiiiiiiick!", huge grin on her squinty eyed face as though it'd be funny to be hit with a brick (not a gripe just amusing).


Currently the commercial can be downloaded here: http://www.oldnavy.com/assets/onair/04winter_grocery.mov


(You'll need quicktime to view it)

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