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IM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ok since it was me b day yester day well i wasnt in school. I brought whole donuts from dunkin donuts and said 1 per person. My friend Ajee who is really spoiled and whiny who crys when she doesnt have anything wanted a 2nd one so i said only 1 per person. She whines and says "YOU NEVER GAVE ME ANYING!!!" When i give her all my cookies at lunch EVERYDAY!!!!! And she gives me nothing zero nada zelch so she takes my bestestest friend who is being a jerk to me for the past 2months and said "Ignore her she doesnt share!" So theyre ignoring me and my other *REAL* friends see me tear. They come over and comfort me and yell at Ajee and Briah. Briah says "SHE ALWAYS DOES THAT TO AJEE." My real friends argue and yell at them etc.and come back to comfurt me. Even Alica's dad (notrockoncheese101 Alicia,) who is cool comes up to me passing by in the car saying "You ok?" I nod kiddingly he says "Can i have a donut?" I giggle and Alicia waves to me from the backseat of the car. So my mom picksme up and im sobbing like crazy and she takes me to her school (where she works)right now im sitting here at the desk typing how angry I am. This lil story shows that real friends stay with you even if they are arguing with you. I hopethis lil story showed you how to pick real friends. Im gonna call Briah on the phone and yell bloody murder. Thanks for reading this overly typed paragraph of this IDOIT day. I mean come on who starts thisover a donut? xD



Any comments? What should i do? Any wow she is really dumb stuff cause i would be glad to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B) im cool

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Easy, don't give her your cookies or anything else anymore. Share them with the others instead. When she yells that you don't share, they'll all tell her that she's wrong, and when she asks why you shared with them instead of her, tell her that you're not going to share with someone who is going to lie about you and cause fights and not be a friend of yours.


I bet that if you do that for a few days, she'll either move on (good riddance) or she'll be less mean/spoiled when with you.

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