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My dreams? You don't WANT to know my dreams! You're not READY for them yet!


Nah, actually, I've had some pretty strange ones. About five years ago, I dreamed that my family was in the woods somewhere and we got attacked by vampires. We were running from them. My dad, whose foot has been broken twice, couldn't keep up and he knew it. He stopped running to buy us some time and got bitten. I woke up the next day and wouldn't stop staring at him.


Just a couple of weeks ago, I had a dream that I was driving in the passenger seat of a blazer-like vehicle (!!!). I crashed into a telephone pole (wonder why) and the line broke and was dangling above the roof of the vehicle. I couldn't get out. I had to lie there staring up at the electrified line that was rubbing along the top of the vehicle and was getting lower.


Then, sometimes I incorporate stuff from songs/movies that are on at the time into my dreams.


Not all of my dreams are bad. Very few are good, but not all are bad. My best ones involved K. No, it isn't that kind of dream, sicko. Those who read my blog have an idea of who K is.

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I had a dream that Wolfie never existed.. and I ruled the world.. :eyebrow:
It's good that I exist then, because you would suck at ruling the world.


A dream with wolfie mmm interesting indeed --- I have had my share of dreams with Wolfie :eyebrow:
Scary... :ph34r:


I had another dream of him.. Wolfie lived with his worst enemy.. (Which I have no idea who is.) and was married to rockoncheese101/Alicia.. (I have no Idea why I dreamed that..).


DIE! Don't ever have me married to her because that is just mean to me.


I had a dream that my dad was the Devil's son and was TOTALLY evil, I cried for an hour... :( :cry:
He's not my son, he's just a friend of mine that I own.
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