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Perfect Week!


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Yeah! I've had the perfect week so far. I spent Saturday hanging out at my girlfriend's house for her birthday. Got her some nice gifts. I might spend Thursday there, too. Today, before school, I found the one thing I was looking for on the internet for the past two years. I get home and what do I find in the mail? My college acceptance letter!


Eh... There's no point to this post. Ignore if you wish.


Edit: New entry! We ordered my laptop last night! My Dell Inspiron B130 will be here within a week. Too bad I can't open it until December 25.

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Not that anyone besides me cares, but she didn't really know what finger to put the ring I bought her on. She had it on the finger usually reserved for wedding/engagement bands until her cousin mentioned it to her almost a week later. Her cousin had been staring at the ring like it was the best thing in the world all day.


I would have posted a picture, but I forgot to take one before I gave it to her. It also seems that the store has forgotten of its existence.

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