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If you were a Dragon, what color would you be?

Mystic Rose

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You are the Purple Dragon.You are a very happy, giddy person who loves nothing more then to hang out with friends, or be outside with nature. You know that violence or anger is not the solution, that it solves nothing, but every once in awhile, you do loose your cool. You're either out and about with a positive attitude, or you're happy being by yourself, going on some crazy adventure. You know how to have fun, and your friends all love you for it.


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SNAP MAN: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a371/dream19/sigs%20only/smileys%20only/evil.gif



You are the Red Dragon.Like the Red Dragon, you are highly full of yourself, rude, and competive. You do not like to be told what to do. You speak your mind, and don't care whether people take offense or not. If you're thinking it, you share it. That's probably the reason why you are always in fights with people. But you don't seem to mind.


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You are the Blue Dragon.When you know that danger is coming, or if someone you don't know comes up to talk to you, you usually cower, or run away. You get frightened very easily. You're always suspicious, suspecting everyone is going to turn against you. It takes a lot for someone to gain your trust. But you'd rather have fewer friends then not be cautious, and sensible. Perhaps in your past you were always betrayed or misunderstood, but not everyone is the same. Trust maybe a little bit more often. You'll be surprised.


Respect the Classics man!

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You are the Gold Dragon.Mischevious and sneaky, you love to play pranks and tell jokes constantly. Most of the time it's all harmless fun, at least for you. Not everyone always will feel the same. Some people might be annoyed with your sense of humor, and your never fading smile, but your personality and cute pranks also draws attention towards you. You're never a dull moment, and your friends are always surprised in everything you do.




Not true.

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