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What is the craziest thing you have done?

Mystic Rose

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k um like for me and I blame this all on my brothers and sisters I was young at the time.


We decided it would be fun to put firecrackers in this persons mail box along with my brothers and sisters but we didnt take into consideration whether or not the person was home, so we got to the porch and lite the fire crackers.


But when we got the fire crackers into the mailbox a person comes charging out of the house chasing both me and sisters and brothers for a good 10 blocks.


I don't think I ran faster in my life.

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Weigie board, IN MY OWN HOUSE!

I awakened spirits in my club room, how foolish!? I could have suffered terribly after that but at the time it was an incredible experience. I spoke to my grandad, or so I believe. I do not care what anybody says or thinks about this I believe it to be true. We put my friends, and only my friends hands on the glass and asked him what age my aunt was. It moved to the correct numbers. Which I wasn't even certain of, but I checked later with my mum. It was dangerous though, and I got myself very worked up about it.

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Wow... This is easy. The time I got disgustingly plastered on my 18th birthday with my ex-fiancee, having him drive down the freeway at 115 MPH with me screaming obscenties through his sunroof at the people passing by. Of course we got pulled over and narrowly escaped jail time. There's other crazy crap that I've done over the years, but as far as I can think back, that would be the topper. So far anyway (=.
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>_> I'm the only male in this topic...


Anyways, the craziest thing I did would have to be out in one of the local factory's parking lots. There's a little dip in the concrete road before it raises up. I ramped it. After that, the whole lot's gravel. After the dip, I get up to 45-50 before yanking on my emergency brake.


It's only fun if your car's a piece of crap and it has a handbrake. No sissy foot pedal for me.

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