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Sad Poems


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The First Cut Is The Deepest


I pick up the weapon and begin the job,

My wrist starts to shake and throb.

I press the blade against my scar,

Now the pain starts to begin,

I feel the knife slit open my skin.

Cherry liquid rushes out of the open sore,

Slowly two drops of blood beat the floor.

One tear forms in my eye,

Suddenly I wish to die.

I press the blade harder and it breaks a vain,

Now more blood seeps bringing intense pain.

I cry a single tear and quickly many more,

As hundreds of drops of blood,

Rapidly make a puddle on my floor.

I know the end is near as I lay down my knife.

It suddenly strikes me that Im going to die.

The last moments of my life I bow my head,

I pray to my god that I go to heaven when Im dead.

I close my eyes and rest my head,

Closure comes and finally Im dead.

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Fake Smile


Come from behind that mask you wear,

You think nobody can see you there,

You've worn that look for many years.

Those smiling eyes have been through many tears,

I have worn that same mask,

I would just smile and nobody would ever question me or ask,

Nobody understood the pain I held inside,

They didn't see they thousands of tears I've cried,

I'd help with their problems and not speak of mine.

So come from behind that smile.

I'm here to ask about your day,

I'll be here to share your tears and take some pain away.

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Dying Inside


You say you know me

You say it was the little things

That put me over the edge

The little things made me

do what I did.

When you really have no idea

You never even bothered to ask

You just assumed

Never really cared.

If you knew the half

of what Im going through

Maybe then you would understand

Im not who I seem to be

You only see what I want u to see

You dont see all the pain,

all the hurt

all the crying inside

Truth is,

Inside, im dying

if not already dead.

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I feel the anger rise up in me

The same anger

That makes me bleed


In my heart and in my soul

Killing me

With soft whispers of hate

Softly, deeply

But quickly my blood flows

Outwards, pouring

Showing its true power to the world

Slowly but surely

It destroys me

I am not it

But it has become me

Angry is all I seem to feel lately

Why can’t I just once be free

From the anger that’s trapped inside me

The anger which you provide

The anger which you create

The anger that’s inside me now

Only at me it eats

The only emotion we ever shared

Was anger

The only words we ever said

Were yelled

Why can’t you accept me the way I am

The way I want to be

Instead of turning me into somebody else

The person you wished you could be

I am not you

And never will be

Your thoughts are your own

So how can I know what you’re thinking?

I can’t

But you expect me to

You yell and scream and hate

For I can’t read your mind

Though I try

Anything to make you happy

To stop the fighting and the screams

To stop the constant anger inside me

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Death Is Knocking


Cold Sweat On My Face

Is How I Woke Again

The Fear Of The Truth

I Release Threw My Pen


He Visits My Life

When I Am Sleeping

The Man In All Black

You Cannot Hear Creeping


He Walks Down A Hall

So Deathly Achromatic

Black Cape And Clothes

Fatally Apathetic


He Speaks Of My Past

The Good And The Bad

Memories Forgotten

And Overwhelmingly Sad


He Speaks As A Friend

Although The Reaper He May Be

Calming And Rational

Even Relaxing To A Degree


He Shows Me Hope

What The Future Can Hold

A Log Cabin With Fireplace

My Desires Unfold


In The Blink Of An Eye

The Screen Is Again Black

The Mood Now Changes

To Me On My Back


I Lay On My Bed

Shivering With Fear

An Ominous Sensation

Overwhelmingly Near


I Reach For My Gun

Kept In The Drawer

Put It To My Head

And Prepare For Gore


The Darkness Filters In

Strangely I'm Alive

He Tells Me This Time

I Will Survive


He Speaks Of The Choice

That I Have To Attain

Log Cabin With Peace

Or A Bullet In The Brain


Strangely How Real

This Dream Can Be

The Choice Is Mine

But What Will it Be?


-Based On A Reoccurring Dream-

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