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Would you like/use a blog system here? (Read post for more details)  

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Ok, here's the lowdown...


To purchase the blog add-on, it would be $50. This would take some time to get that amount anyway, but there is no point if it wouldn't get used. No one would have a blog unless they set one up for themselves, as well as it only being available to members who have 3 or more posts to their name (that number could change to be for those that have made more than a mere few posts). You can either have it set to private or not (ie, only you can read it, or everyone can read it), although future enhancements *MAY* allow you to select either groups or even individuals who may read it. You can prevent guests (visitors who are not signed into an account) from reading or allow them to see everything. It's newly released so the features are somewhat limited.


Now, the voting choices... There are 2 for yes and 2 for no. AFTER voting, please also give a reply with your reason(s) for the choice so that it may help others decide and so that I have an idea to what people want in a blog if one were available here.


* As an added note, if it is decided to be added, donations will be accepted to help purchase it but won't be required. Anyone deciding to donate for it should either wait until a decision has been made, or make certain that enough would be donated to purchase it (if that happens then it will be added regardless of this vote). *

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