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*``Dear Daddy``*


Dear daddy,

I hear your off to war,

I hear your fighting @ the core,

No1 told me,

until you were gone,

from the look on momma's face

i knew something was horribly wrong,


Dear daddy,

is this why you were so sad,

while you were hugging me I was trying to act glad,

in a way you told me,

but the words were going slow,

you kept saying the same thing,

so i kept saying "i know , i know"


That night you gave me a locket,

to show how much you cared,

then you were gone again,


Daddy i miss you,

i love you,

i think about you everyday,

when i sleep,

I see your face,

It only makes me cry,

as each day slowly goes by without you,


The next day,

We got the call,

That you had died in war,

daddy, I love you so,

But according to this locket,

its time i let you go!

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