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take it all back (4 some reason ppl like this one o.O?)


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The pain hurts to much...

So can you do me a favor?

And just take it all back...</3

What you said

What you did

What you promised

What you made me feel

Can you please just take it all back?

To much is going on in my life

But it all stopped just so I can think about you

Even if it hurts to think about the better times

Right now it feels like the worst

Im so lost without you

Oh what a tragedy, im just so lost without you

Its not like I need you

Its just screwed up how I think I do

Dont you understand what amount of power you have

What drives me insane is how you dont use it

Sometimes im thinking how your better off dead

How i'd be better off if I never met you

I know I would be...

Then again I wouldnt be better off without the memories

Im not sure to say thank you for filling up some of this empty area inside of me

Or that I hate you

But things worked out perfectly in the way they were heading

Theres 1000 reasons I could have hated you even more

But I cant think of o.n.e

Im to busy thinking about it fell in to peices

How in say..3 years..this wont even matter

5 years your a blurr

10 years the whole situation is lost

Time needs to speed up

Im going to lose track

Like I said before

Would you spare me more pain?

And just take it all back..</3

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