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Sounds good...


Name: Troy

Age: **

Brothers and/or Sisters: one

Married: no

Kids: no

Nephews and neices: one

Granchildren: no

Occupation: student

Interests: band. computers. video games. girlfriend.

Sex: yes, please

Hair colour: dark brown

Eye colour: blue

Favourite food: whatever's in the fridge

Favourite drink: Mello Yello

Favourite clothing: jeans and t-shirt

Favourite place: school bus, on the rides to and from band competitions

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Brothers and/or Sisters: 2 older brothers

Married: naw

Kids: sOmeday

Nephews and neices: Probably soon

Granchildren: Aye, no kids but i've got grandchildren likes.


Interests: Going out with my friends && musicc

Sex: Who's asking female.

Hair colour:Brown

Eye colour:Brown

Favourite food:Milk..

Favourite drink:Milk

Favourite clothing:JEANS :]

Favourite place:My bed or egypt

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Name: Ashley

Age: 18

Brothers and/or Sisters: too many :)

Married: no

Kids: no

Nephews and neices: 7

Granchildren: 0

Occupation: Student/part time vet tech

Interests: reading books

Sex: Female

Hair colour: dark blonde/brown

Eye colour: brown

Favourite food: pizza

Favourite drink: pepsi

Favourite clothing: shorts and a comfy t-shirt

Favourite place: Right now St. Augustine Florida

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Brothers and/or Sisters: 1 sister 3 brothers

Married:No, but he said we might when I'm the right age.

Kids: Someday

Nephews and neices: 2 neices, 3 nephews

Granchildren: No.. Maybe when I'm old and gray

Occupation: 8th Grader

Interests: Video Games, Cars, boy stuff.. Imma Tomboy

Sex: Female Species

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Eye colour: Dark Brown

Favourite food: Chinese/Irish/Italian

Favourite drink: Mountain Dew!! Do the Dew Baby!

Favourite clothing: Lots.. ><

Favourite place: Home.. and Ireland and London and meh boyfriend's house.

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Name: Julie

Age: 20

Brothers and/or Sisters: last count 12



Nephews and neices: 7

Granchildren: Zero

Occupation: Full Time Student/ Work as a pet sitter in the summer.

Interests: Many to list

Sex: last I checked I am a WOMAN

Hair colour: blonde (from a bottle)

Eye colour: brown

Favourite food: anything that taste good

Favourite drink: Long Island Ice Tea

Favourite clothing: anything comfy

Favourite place: anywhere as long as family and my man are with me.

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