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I love you


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To be honest...

Your just another useless feeling

Another problem that im having

But at the same time

Your special to me

Not just everything you say

But everything you've done

At times..so i've been a little hostile

I cant help it

But you've never given up on me have you?

For what ever reason

You should know

You kept me breathing


Its not fun knowing that you have a broken heart

But when you dont think about it..no pain

You've kept my mind of it

Didnt leave a stain

Not a stain of blood on your shirt

Nor on mine

Im not sure if it would be out of line

Out of line to say I love you

And for me you've always been there

My life with you

Im willing to share


however thats just a silly dream

I just want to feel your touch

Please dont ever walk away

That cant be asking to much...

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