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Anything 4 perfection


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Look at all of those girls

So skinny

So gorgeous

And what am I to them

But simple dust

Being compared to them forever

It finally decides to stop

All I have to show

Is the fallen away self esteem

Three meals a day for a perfect girl

So I better cut it down to one or none

Acheiving every goal of what I want to be

Give it one long year

Then start me up again

If wanting to be perfect is so horrible

Thats what I am

Wake me up to reality

Of what I can never be

Until its all skin and bones

Dont ever go back to three

All I ever wanted was to be right there

As a girl where they all said wow

So pathetic..why look at me now?

Belemic, Anorexic

This world could name a few

Physical attraction is just what I wanted

What should I do

Im not enough

To me this skin will seriously burn

Perfect body..do anything to get it

This to myself is sworn

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