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Two of Me


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just a lil poem someone wrote to me:


Two of Me


I never thought I'd find myself

the day that I found you.

Plans for only

one of me

and future plans for two.

Soul mates in this universe

that make the world surreal.

For when I'd given up on dreams

you showed me love for you

will never cause to grow,

Please take me in your loving arms

and never let go.

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I write poems all the time. I think there great, because you can take whatever feelings you have and make a wonderful piece of writting. I have been in all kinds of contests for poetry. When im usually mad, I take that anger and make it into a poem, and if I take it to school, I usually get some money for having a good poem. Also, the poem that Punkie wrote, it's in a Chicken Soup book. It's also a very popular poem. :) Edited by punkrawker
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