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Here's why your toast always falls buttered side down!


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Source: http://in.news.yahoo.com/061010/139/68d7j.html

Here's why your toast always falls buttered side down!



Tuesday October 10, 02:09 PM


London, Oct 10 (ANI): Ever wonder how, if your slice of toast accidentally falls down, it most often than not manages to land on its buttered side? Well, that's the burning question to which boffins have just found the answer.


TV presenters of the science show 'Mythbusters', Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman conducted an experiment to find the answer to the riddle, and found that the way your toast falls, depends on how you spread butter on it in the first place.


Savage and Hyneman showed that if people create a curved indentation on their slice of toast by pressing firmly with a knife, they can affect the way their bread falls.


Tests conducted by the two found that the method resulted in toast landing buttered side up 29 times out of 50.


The presenters said that pressing the toast with a knife forms a "sort of dish in the bread" that when dropped, has a tendency to land on the unbuttered side.


"Our research showed slices landing butter side up had been pressed in from the buttering, forming a sort of dish in the bread. It is similar to when a leaf falls from a tree - it will always have a tendency to land with the curved sides up," the Mirror quoted them, as stating.


A show spokesman said that though the pair had tested a lot of theories before on the show, the experiment was the first time they have beaten Sod's Law which is the name for the old and famous axiom"Anything that can go wrong, will", for e.g. "Toast will always land butter side down".


"The Mythbusters team has tested a lot of theories, but this is the first time it has discovered how to beat Sod's Law," the rep said. (ANI)

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