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Ahh Street Poetry


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Ahh Street Poetry i know it well.

Go to school in a ghetto town but *lol* live in a snobby town


My school is all rap!


A popular poem at school:


Im L.U.C. to da Y

aint no baby about to cry

I like my raps even if theyre yippity yee

Wait till im better go Platinum CD

Go be ashamed of you cursing self

the only place you rap is going tacked on your Mommie's shelf

Back off boy you think rap is about killin'

You think about Killn' when you sit and your chilln'

Thats a bad life

I feel bad for you wife

Next thing you know it'll be YOU with a knife


I know that one aint so good im practining.

Hold your mean comments AND YOU TOO! You know who you are *cough* Wolfie *cough

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