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Oreo Bon-Bons

The Joker

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I do not know if this is the exact recipe but I'll try.


It's like a dream to eat these.




1 Package of White Chocolate Bark


1 Package of Oreos (or any cookie like and Oreo)


1 bar of cream cheese





Melt the chocolate bark in a saucepan in either medium or high heat.



Crush up the oreos with a grinder till its a fine puder or crumbs



Put the powdered oreos in the bowl with the UNmelted cream cheese and use your hands (or a spoon) to mash it together


As soon as chocolate is melted takes the balls of oreos and dip them one by one into the pan, making sure to coat the ball evenly.


As soon as theballs of oreos are covered with chocolate and on wax paper make sure you get rid of the excess chocolate quickly, unless you want a chocolate covered pan that takes generations to wash.


As soon as bon-bons are done... ENJOY!

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