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EXPLODING:Family Guy drops the F-Bomb


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Someone’s head is going to roll at Fox TV since many east coast markets heard an unbleeped f-word on Sunday night’s Family Guy broadcast. West coasters can catch up by viewing the uncensored Family Guy clip at YouTube.


Source: http://www.explodingcigar.com/article2036.html

I watched it and didn't notice it. Guess that shows how insensitive I am to it.. Either that or how much I expect profanity from Family Guy.

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I saw this on another forum for FG and AD. I also found out that the clip in question...it was shown in Canada...and they didn't bleep the word out... YAY Canada!!! :D I figure some folks on the east coast heard it omg what a big deal people are idiots (MY OPINION) I mean really with all the violence on TV here in the US some idiots have a cow over a cuss word or when Janet Jackson boob popped out. GIVE ME A BREAK...... I will take cuss words and nudity over violence any day of the week. I have seen the show also more that once and it was bleeped out.



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