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i dont knoooow...a poem?


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Act like you care

For more than a day

With unsaid comands

How am I supposed to obey?

Im feeling like nothing

With the cold look on your face

Get away from me

Dont dare leave a trace

Unless your ganna be there for me

Cut yourself out of my life

The choice is up to you,

use scissors or a knife

Is it just me?

Or are you sick of you too?

You took my one chance..

Then you took two

Then you took three

Then went on for four

The sadest part..

I would have offered you more

Just grow the hell up

Your not three

Stop using hearts

Stop using me

I could honestly care less about these excuses

Those dont sooth the pain

Watch the tears fall down

Just simple rain

Watch me fall apart

While im still watching you

Emotions..some hurt

Then again..some feel just right

Until you get it perfect..

Stay out of my life

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