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Support President Bush

Jim Colyer

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Part of our problem is that the party out of power wants to impeach the president no matter who he is. I was against impreaching Bill Clinton. To even think of impeaching George Bush is absurd.


No, we are not better off than we were 6 years ago, but we are better off than we would be if Gore or Kerry were president. Bush has risen to the occasion. He has worked tirelessly to keep America safe since 9/11.


This is not Vietnam. All this has happened as a result of 9/11. Muslim fanatics aimed to destroy the heart and soul of America: our economic interests in the Twin Towers and our military strength at the Pentagon. The downed plane was to take out our Capitol and center of government.


Nor is this Vietnam in that no one is being drafted off the streets and forced into combat against his will. The men in Iraq are volunteers, professional soldiers. For my part, if any one of them can not handle the stress, bring him home. We do not need suicides.


Iran is the problem now. I perused the interview Ahmadinejad gave to Time Magazine. Ahmadinejad's world view hinges on his hatred for the United States and Israel. He denies the Nazi holocaust against the Jews in World War II and says that Israel should be "wiped off the map." He resents the U.S. being a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council when, in fact, the U.N. owes its existence to the United States.


Iran is developing nuclear plants. Nuclear energy is a wonderful thing when used for peaceful purposes. Every country which has developed nuclear energy also has the atomic bomb. Iran would be no exception. But it might be the one likely to use it or make it available to terrorist groups. We can not trust the fanatic fringe. If the hijackers had nuclear weapons on 9/11, there would be no New York City and no Washington, DC today. George Bush has looked them in the eye and warned them it will not happen on his watch. Let's support our president.

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