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According to Familyguy.com


Time to turn off the television (except for Sunday night!) and head to

the bookstore because there's new Family Guy stuff there now and more

on the way! If you are looking for advice from Peter or Stewie or Brian

as to how to live your life (and who isn't) you're in luck. There's a

new series of trade paperbacks written by Family Guy characters. In

between these hilarious one-on-one segments are stories rivaled only by the

TV show itself. Stewie wrote a little book called "100 Ways to Kill

Lois," Chris Griffin's "Books Don't Taste Very Good" came out two weeks

ago, and no parent's bathroom is complete without "Peter Griffin's Guide

to Parenting" sitting next to the TP on the back of the toilet.


But the big news is the new book for men that only a dog could write:

"Brian Griffin's Guide to Booze, Broads, and the Lost Art of Being a

Man" will be available October 7th.




Yep. Family Guy Volume 4 is coming out November 14th so save your

pennies. More on this historic release later.

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