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An update to the forum software was released today and therefore this forum has been updated. Without boring with the details of what the updates do/mean, this is just to let everyone know that some of the added-on features may not work for a few days. That's because I will have to go through and re-merge the additional features in with the forum software.


I will try to keep this post updated with the latest on the re-mergings.


Fixes (all on 11/08)

17:10 Arcade

17:30 Munjpets

17:55 Links

19:20 Portal


Fixes left to be done: (none)


These are only the additions that are either obvious or noticeable by visitors to the forums and do not include other additions/features that may be used "behind the scenes".


If anyone notices any problems with the additional features that weren't there before, please post in the site support forum and let me know.


>> Site Support <<

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