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The Closer


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Alright, I lied. THIS is my last rant of the day.


I can rarely watch TV any more without getting PO'd. This show is no exception.


Today, the main character was backing up her car while talking on her cell. It was most likely a call to the scene of the TRIPLE HOMICIDE SHE WAS GOING TO DRIVE TO! Yep, she tapped some guy's SUV with her car. Yep, the guy complained and is now seriously injured from that little tap. The sob goes out and presses charges. The main character gets her car taken from her because she failed to follow the police department's code. Stay at the scene of the accident until a traffic cop fills out ALL required forms. She didn't know that code existed.


That makes me doubly PO'd. First at the sob that turned her in. Second for the fact that, if a normal citizen (who, if I might add, is the one paying the cop's paycheck every week) were to plead ignorance, they would get a ticket.


Next, the bastard traffic cop comes in giving her hell about leaving. He basically says there's no excuse for leaving. He gives some crap about the traffic accidents he handles being more important than the HOMICIDES THAT THE MAIN CHARACTER SOLVES!

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