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Hearts in Atlantis


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I got a book from the library by Stephen King. If you can't tell already, its name is "Hearts in Atlantis."


I guess you could say this post fits into the category of a topic I saw on another message board. "Things that **** you off."


First of all, I'm less than a quarter of the way through it so far. It's pretty good. That's not the part I hate. The part I hate is the main character's *****y mother. I'll give you a direct quote.


"A nickel for the changing-room?" Bobby asked. "Couldn't you at least-"


"Yes, probably, oh I imagine," she said, clipping off each word. She usually put rouge on her cheeks before going to work, but not all of the color on her face this morning came out of the powderbox, and Bobby, angry as he was, knew he'd better be careful. If he lost his temper the way she was capable of losing hers, he'd be here in the hot empty apartment all day, forbidden to so much as step out into the hall.


His mother snatched her purse off the table by the end of the couch, butted out her cigarette hard enough to split the filter, then turned and looked at him. "If I said to you, 'Gee, we can't eat this week because I saw a pair of shoes at Hunsicker's that I just had to have,' what would you think?"


I'd think you were a liar, Bobby thought. And I'd say if you're so broke, Mom, what about the Sears catalogue on the top shelf of your closet? The one with the dollar bills and the five-dollar bills - even a ten or two - taped to the underwear pages in the middle? What about the blue pitcher in the kitchen dish cabinet, the one tucked all the way in the back corner behind the gravy boat with the crack in it, the blue pitcher where you put your spare quarters, where you've been putting them ever since my father died? And when the pitcher's full you roll the quarters and take them to the bank and get bills, and the bills go into the catalogue, don't they? The bills get taped to the underwear pages of the wishbook.


Sorry for that. There's a lot more that I could have posted. Let me explain some things first. The woman comes home with her slip showing and her makeup messed up. That tells me something about her job. She's not just her boss's secretary. She's also the slut in his bed.


She wastes money on slutty dresses so her boss will keep her. She gives her kid a library card (most likely free) for his birthday. She has the (pardon the reference) balls to tell her son that there are tons of bills (when there are none) and she can't give him a nickel for a private changing room.


All I can say is this: I hope her son finally sees the stupid ***** for what she is and kills her somehow. Someone like that doesn't deserve to have kids, much less be alive.


I guess this post is kind of pointless.

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He really knows how to make the reader feel like crap, too. Today, I read a line to the effect of this: "Billy would never kiss his mother with the same unshadowed love again." The way the people in the car she got in acted, it seems like they're going to do something to her.


Unless there's something I'm not getting, they're going to kill her off in a particularly nasty fashion.

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Stephen King is a great writer. He makes you come to a conclusion and then goes the opposite way and makes you reconsider multiple times.


I no longer feel sorry for the bitch who got the crap knocked out of her. Sorry for cursing, but there is no "good" word for what she is. I'll star the word out from now on.


The stupid ***** comes inside her house. She sees a young girl on the lap of an old man in the chair and her son kneeling beside him. The old man just popped the girl's shoulder back into its socket after three idiots twice her age beat up on her. Does she listen? No. The ***** throws a table at the old man and slings her son into the wall. If I were there, I'd kill her myself. I take back everything good I've said about her.


I guess that means that the list of jobs I can't have is growing. Law enforcement. Doctor. Many more. I'm in the perfect field: computers. They don't talk back and if they give an error, it's because the user screwed up.

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