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If you could have rules of your own, wat would it


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If you could have 15 rules in your house and your siblings AND parents grandparents or whoever lives with you HAD to listen to them wat would they be?



Mine would be

1. Dont watch TV unless im not (we share the TV cable and watever is on there screen is on mine.)

2. Let me eat as much as I want.

3. Dont make me wear my glasses

4. Do watever i tell you to do

5. If i want to see a movie i see it

6. Buy me toys 5 a day

7. let me go in the big mall alone (i know how to get out!)

8. let me buy all the video games i want




Wat are youres? :lol:

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This is awesome!!! Ok...

1. Get my internet access at my HOME and a better computer

2. Let me go on the internet 24/7

3. Let me eat ice cream all the time

4. Let me go wherever I want, when I want

5. Buy me tons and tons of clothes from all the stores that I like

6. Do what I tell you

7. Buy me my own home

8. Let me watch whatever I want on the TV, when I want

9. Just let me have fun!!

10. Don't yell at me if I do something stupid.

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