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The status woe


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The status woe


By Steve Kerr, Yahoo! Sports

August 7, 2006





With the NBA draft in the rearview mirror and the brunt of free agency complete, several teams have to feel frustrated with their inability to make the offseason improvements they had hoped.


Teams like the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors.


The Celtics, Sixers and Warriors all looked to make changes to their high-salaried, low-achieving rosters, but none of the teams have been able to make significant moves this summer.


The Warriors suffered through a disastrous season in 2005-06 despite high hopes for their talented young roster. With a sort of Phoenix Suns style uptempo offense, Golden State was a trendy preseason pick to be a playoff team, but the Warriors never could put it together and hoped to revamp their roster this offseason.


But with a host of bad contracts on the books (see: Adonal Foyle, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy and Baron Davis), Golden State hasn't found many willing trade partners, all of whom are only interested in Jason Richardson. The only way the Warriors will be able to unload any of their bad contracts is to include Richardson in a deal, and they're not interested in doing that.





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