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So You Think You Can Dance


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Dance Fever

By Andrea Sandke

Wed, August 02, 2006, 4:30 am PDT


So You Think...Nigel Lythgoe has been giddy and getting giddier over the past few weeks. If you're one of the viewers helping to make "So You Think You Can Dance" the most-recorded show on TiVo, you'll have heard producer/judge Lythgoe tooting the horn of his reality hit. He credits his show and "Dancing with the Stars" with "bringing dance back to America." While his claims might be hyperbole, the two shows have swung dance back into Search.


As buzz-worthy host Cat Deeley reminds us, only one contestant can claim the title of "America's Favorite Dancer." Searches suggest some of the eliminated dancers haven't flitted away from Buzz: two weeks after his elimination, chest-baring ballroom dancer Dmitry Chaplin runs a close second to the rubbery-faced swing-dance prince, Benji Schwimmer. Here are the top 10 dancers in Search right now, along with their show status...


Benji Schwimmer (in)

Dmitry Chaplin (out)

Travis Wall (in)

Natalie Fotopoulos (in)

Allison Holker (out)

Ivan Koumaev (in)

Donyelle Jones (in)

Heidi Groskreutz (in)

Musa Cooper (out)

Ashlee Nino (out)



Fans can't—or don't want to—stop the music. In addition to checking on "results" and "spoilers," dance devotees are grooving to "so you think you can dance music" and downloading "so you think you can dance videos."


Searchers are also excited about the show stealing a page from sister show "American Idol" and sending its top dancers on tour. We've already seen spikes on "So You Think You Can Dance tour" and "So You Think You Can Dance tickets." Maybe we'll look into procuring a pair of tickets...so long as we can be sure that judge Mary Murphy won't be there to deafen us with her screams.





I only watch the show cause I love the art of dance and to my surprise this show has grown on me especially with sexy dancers like Dmitry Chaplin and Musa Cooper.






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