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Time dragging on


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I close my eyes

Then awake for what?

Not joy, or happiness

I am only to awake for more pain

A day of greater sorrow from the one I had before


Wishing the hours would go by

So I could lay back down on my bed

Drift off to sleep

So maybe I can escape what I've been running from

From the moment I let the eyelids shut

And my life shuts down

Until the almost seeming violent sounds of an alarm clock strike


Knowing I have to go through yet another day of unmet expectations

Another day of misery

Another day of dreaded time...that never seems to stop

Just continues..and continues to exaustidly go

hot summer air...through icy harsh snow


Just smiles laying on everyones face

So easy to fit in

So easy to fool everyone

But myself would be less easy

Because I can feel what lys behind the smile

I hate this feeling


Nothing can make it go away

Not anything I can do

Or anything that i've been wishing for you to say...

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