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Forums upgraded!


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Yes, the forums have been upgraded.


Without getting long winded and boring, here it is...


* POLLS: To make a poll, you have to make a new topic, then click on the poll options.

* POLLS: You may have more than 1 question per poll now!

* EDITING: If you need to make an edit to a post you made, you can choose either Full or Quick edit. Quick edit is pretty cool, try it out.

* POSTING: There is a new RTE (Rich Text Editor) available. To activate it, go to "My Controls", Board Options, and turn it on.

* DISPLAY NAMES: Ok now, everyone, please don't go crazy. It will take maybe a day for me to get this set up as I want it, but now you can change your display name. This means that you don't have to ask me to do it for you and you don't have to go creating a new account and telling me to delete your old one. (Please don't create multiple accounts anyway)

* MY ASSISTANT: You'll discover that this annoying pop up box to be very useful. Makes it handy for quick reading of PM's that you receive.

* POSTING: You may extend the size of the editor (click on the + or - bottoms)

* PM's: This also affects other areas too, but when you are typing in someones name, after a few characters, it will offer up options for who you might mean. :)

* BLOG: Updated too. You can move things around (like the calendar) just by clicking, dragging, dropping.

* Other features as well, some of which are only available 'behind the scenes'. :)


If you have *ANY* problems with the new board, please create a topic about it, or reply to an existing topic if your problem is already listed.

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