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Tell me something i dont know


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Im to old to be a kid

To young to be a teen

Im to rude to be kind and sweet

Yet care to much to be mean

Tell me something I dont know

Im not open and honest with many people

I dont give out second chances

I read books by their covers

By only taking a few glances

Tell me something I dont know

I always lie to people

Wheather their close to me or not

Some people I would save from a bullet

Some people I wish would just get shot

Tell me something I dont know

Im self obsorbed and loud

Im always pushing people away

Sometimes I think there is no God

I dont even rise my hands to pray

Tell me something I dont know

I say stupid things to make people feel bad

My conceince officially is gone

Im not enough to make you smile

Im not good enough for you

All these things im saying

For a long time...i already knew

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