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Way back then..time to >let go<


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So there was this girl

There was this guy

The girl had a problem

She was in a tie


She gave him endless clues

On what he needed to say

But he never spoke of them

Through out any day


She thought she made it obvious

That she couldnt stop thinking of him

Instead he ignored all the signals

Her days started to grow grim


Her heart started to feel empty

As she pushed him away

He didnt even comfort her

If he did...

There was nothing he could say


Not at that point

Because the girl started to turn the unfifilled hopes into rage

It was not hidden

That her heart was being locked up

Almost in a cage


It was not love

Under any cercumstances

Just lust

In the end..he wasnt even worth the fuss


Even back then

It felt so sureal

She wasnt the only one

Who talked about how they did feel


When words between them started to grow slimmer

And slimmer grew into none

All feels she had for him

Swirled together..then started to feel numb


People always have their sides of the story

But his was never shared

She now couldn't even defend her feelings

She must have felt deadly scared


A stupid little crush

For some little boy

Isnt ganna hurt her

Her happiness she wont let the all that destroy


She knows how foolish it is now

Because theres always ganna be that guy

Who you think is worth the tears

Now she knows that it was a lie


He wasnt worth the tears

Or the pain

All the memories of what had happened

Shes learned to erase in her brain

Because if hes not going to talk

Beilive im not scared to take the walk

Not scared to leave everything they almost had behind


Not sure how to aproach him for the last time

Not sure what to do

Could she spell it out for him

Will he ever answer her last clue?

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