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Just friends


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This isnt new..i wrote it like 2 weeks ago but i was lazy and didnt post



This entire time

I thought that I wanted you to be my lover

I thought I wanted you to be my guy

But what I used to think

Im ready to defy


I was just sitting in my room talking

Taking deep breathes on the phone

Staring at the wall

I was quiet but not alone


Talking to you brought a smile

That surged on my face

Then got me a little moody

My mood changed without a trace


I was not sure

What to think

But my feelings twords you

mixed around in a blink

A blink of an eye

No it wasnt a lie

I did like you

But time moved on

After a while

From my life

You were practically gone


I didnt give up on you

My heart...always feel free to lend

But I finally figured out

I think I like you better as a friend


Just a friend

Because anything else will tare me apart

Its some stupid romance game

And I refuse to play a part

I refuse to play a part in this game

Romeo and Juliet are starting to seem lame

A love like that cannot be real

But who am I to judge what they feel?


Talking to you

Some problems that need sharing

Hearing you comfort me

Hearing you caring

I would rather have

More than one million kisses

More than one million dreams with you in it


All of these moments

I thought I wanted to get over you

But im sure now I dont

I wanted to get over this lust

But not over this friendship

I'd rather think about your mind and feelings

Than your lip on my lip


Its not like I ever intented to do something silly like vows

Im so much happier being pals

It helps me apriciate

How sweet you are

You'll always be my friend

Even if I think it all slipped away

It can never slip to far

Never to far to make me not want to be your friend


I cant lose you

Your a friend..your a buddy

Dont worry I wont turn on you

Or play with your heart like its putty

Im done with that scene

Yes its played over

No more to do

I hope you never change

Not for them

Not for me

If you were to...

Make it for you


Your to amazing to change is what I think

Keep up that smile

Dont let the lips sink

You smiling at me

Gets me through the hardest day

Even as friends

We'll be okay

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