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Emotions frayed by whispered words of love

Some words, you always dreamt of

On the next morrow, you find yourself alone

Organs dead, nothing left but bone

Deception wrapped in a loving embrace

Heart melted in disgrace

Love? It doesnt exist for me

Why can't people leave me be?

I fall to pieces with every heartbreak

Quicksand bogging me down, with every step I take

Taken advantage of in every way

Trust and confidence stripped away

Like a little child, you grieve

Nothing else in which to believe

Soul broken, feelings diminished

Dreams that will never be finished

Cold hard reality staring you in the face

You wonder how you got to this place

You opened yourself to someone you trusted

You end up angry and disgusted

Mind clouded with lies

The love keeping you together, dies

The mold that was you, crumbles and falls away

Can't tell night from day

Every movement hurting more than the last

Can't concentrate on any little task

Eyes blinded, thoughts scattered

Lost to all you thought mattered







I just feel like this for right now and I asked Bon if I could post her poem. so here it is and thanks Bon.

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