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Things i cant say....


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Lets start this over

I cant take the things that you said

All of my feelings are coliding

I just want the words to come out

Of how i feel

How you make me feel right at home

And how i never feel alone


How i long to feel your hand in mine

And how long I've waited to get to this point

But you pushed me out of my own heaven

And made me fall and crash at the end of my world


Now i lay here bleeding wondering where i went wrong

But you will never see how much pain you caused

Now that i see her with you when i know it should be me.


But nothings gonna happen were not going anywhere

So why cant i tell you that i care?

Cause im feeling odd trying to be so perfect cause i know you worth it all in the end


But now i'll pack away all my pitties

Just as Im about to leave

I take one glance back

Going down memory lane is fun

But leaving it i just cant take!

I feel an arm around me I give him a whisper

With one secret to behold

"I love you" is all that is told


Wishing my life away

Just to be with you for the rest of my life

-These words I cant say...

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