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Life Goals

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Let's see. I want to get a promotion, which will hopefully happen within the next 6 months. I want my husband to make 1st class so he can get transferred off the cutter. We'll also have more money then, so maybe we'll start looking to BUY a house then, and probably start thinking about starting a family.
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Successfully finish my last year of high school, ending it with a senior prank to remember.


Go to college for a CS degree (computer science for those who don't know). Take some photography classes while I'm there.


Get back home and, if my GF and I are still together, maybe *possibly* propose? Only if I have a good job at the time and she's out of the college of her choice. And her father approves, of course. That may sound stupid to some. There are at least six year until that time if we both go into a four-year school within a year of graduating.


In response to the below post:

I try! ^_^

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Long-term goals: Get married, complete my medical degree in college (if I'm *able* to go to college), start a family, get my Black Belt... There's more, I just can't remember it all.


Short-term goals: Get a better job, get my own car, move out and have my guy move in with me, attempt to finish school, become more fun, spontaneous, exciting, wild and outgoing, lose some weight, get my braces on, go back to Karate and figure out how to not freak out as much as I do in a relationship when something goes wrong.


There's more to each goal section... I'm just scatterbrained and can't think of it all.

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On the marriage thing well I have been living with my man now for a few years now and we have talked about getting married and yep even gone looking for rings so soon I am sure he will be my fiance. Wow still getting used to that one well we both agree on the whole getting married thing ( at first I fought the idea of marriage cause I feel I do not need a piece of paper to tell me how much I love him) and on no children( this one will never change).


As far as adding to my carreer goals I am a certified dog trainer have been for like a year and we are gonna go ahead and open up our own dog trainning school. Kinda long term but not too far away for the moment.

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